During each state and federal legislative session, the WKRCA Board of Directors reviews proposed legislation for a position recommendation, either in support or opposition. Speakers are invited to present to the Board on specific legislation or on issues that are important to our member counties. Background information on a specific bill or issue is provided to the Board. A position recommendation is then approved and communicated to our area legislators or our Congressional delegation as appropriate.

Below are positions that the Board approved for 2018 and currently for 2019:

2019 Legislative Session


HB 29 Sales Tax Exemption – Fishing Tournament and Boat Ramp Fees: Supports the exemption of sales tax on fishing tournament entry fees and boat ramp fees for this tourism sector. The tourism industry has a major impact on the economy of Western Kentucky, which includes Paducah and its Riverfront Development and marina, the Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley recreational areas and other tourism attractions in this region.


School Safety: Supports initiatives and policies that establish safer learning environments in schools across Kentucky.


Industrial Hemp: Supports clarifying the definition of hemp for industrial purposes in the Kentucky statutes and mirroring the state’s language to that in the federal Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (Farm Bill).

Military Pensions

HB 66 Exemption of Income Tax on Military Pensions:  Supports excluding United States military retirees’ pension income from state income tax to assist in recruiting military veterans into Kentucky’s workforce.

2018 State Legislative Session

Kick Start KY

KICKStartKY: Supported this Kentucky Infrastructure Coalition in its efforts to encourage State leadership to approve long-term, sustainable funding that provides adequate revenues for all modes of transportation in order that the Commonwealth of Kentucky can maintain the infrastructure that we have today and build what is needed for future.

War on Carp

Asian Carp Invasion: Encouraged the Kentucky Congressional Delegation to support additional substantial federal funding and efforts to solve the crisis created by the invasion of Asian carp into Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley in western Kentucky.

Bank Franchise Tax

Bank Franchise Tax: Supported repealing the bank franchise tax and allowing banks to be taxed the same way and at the same rate as other corporations in the Commonwealth.

Non-Profit Sales Tax

Non-Profit Sales Tax: Supported the repeal of sales tax on non-profit admissions and on items purchased as part of fundraising, such as live and silent auction items.

2018 Federal Legislative Session

Community Banks

S. 2155 Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act: Supported this bi-partisan legislation that would bolster local economic and job growth by providing much-needed regulatory relief to our nation’s nearly 5,700 community banks while preserving vital consumer protections and effective regulatory supervision.